Baby Tub Seat Bathtub Pad Mat Chair Safety Anti Slip Newborn Infant Baby Care Children Cute Bathing Seat For 6-18 Months





Origin: Mainland China

Material: Silicone


Bullet Points:
1、【Suction Cup Design】The baby toilet seat has a strong base suction cup, which can effectively prevent the seat from tilting, and the baby can sit on the stool for bathing, feeding, haircut, shampoo, etc.
2、【Safe Material】The baby bath stool is made of high-quality PP and TPE, no sharp corners, very smooth, strong load-bearing capacity, suitable for newborn babies from 6-18 months
3、【Wraparound Design】Wraparound tub seat protects your baby from all directions, parents can easily clean their baby from head to toe, and use it with confidence
4、【Comfortable Backrest】This bathroom baby bath chair has armrests and a high backrest, so your baby will be supported enough and comfortable while taking a bath
5、【Easy Installation】Our baby bath seat for 6+ months is easy to install, just put it in the bathtub, then position and lock the suction cup, you can use it with confidence
1. The armrest of the baby seat can be disassembled, one-button separation, and it can be disassembled by pressing the love switch, which is convenient for the baby to enter and exit

2. Embrace and fix the baby, prevent the baby from being naughty and messy, and reduce the burden of childcare

3. The bottom hollow design prevents water accumulation, making it easier for babies to enjoy bathing

4. The baby bath seat is made of high-quality PP and TPE material, which is environmentally friendly, safe and strong
Material: PP+TPE
Weight: 500g
Product size: 36.5*29*20cm/14.37*11.41*7.87IN
Baby Bath Seat Chair *1

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