3pcs Drill Brush Attachment Set Power Scrubber Brush With Drill Scrub Brush For Cleaning Showers Tubs Bathroom Tile Grout Carpet




Origin: Mainland China


Choice: yes


• 3pcs Drill Brush Attachment Set :This set includes three different brush attachments for your drill, making it versatile and perfect for cleaning various surfaces.

• Power Scrubber Brush :The power scrubber brush is designed to remove stubborn dirt and grime from hard-to-reach areas, making it ideal for cleaning showers, tubs, and bathroom tile grout.

• Drill Scrub Brush :The drill scrub brush is perfect for cleaning carpets and other surfaces that require a deep clean. The brush's bristles are designed to penetrate deep into the fibers, removing dirt and debris.

• Compatible with Drills :This brush attachment set is compatible with most drills, making it easy to use and convenient for any DIY project.


Type: Drill Scrubber Brush

Material: Nylon

Size: 2/3.5/4/5 inch

Color yellow green

Quantity: 3pcs

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